Čovječe, ne ljuti se!

1 Wooden play-board oversize 50 x 50 cm

16 Play-figures of massive wood, four in each colour

1 Wooden die with points 1 to 6

For 2-4 Players from 3 years

The intention is to start from the base, to place all figures in the game, to circle the board on the grey lane without being kicked out and to bring all 4 figures into the safe center-place of each player’s colour.


  • Each player may roll the die and place one of his figures in turn
  • The first time and every time again the player has to roll „6“ to start from the base
  • After rolling „6“, each player may roll again
  • Each player has only 3 chances to roll the number he needs
  • If a player lands his figure on a point which is occupied by an opposition-player he has to hit (to kick out) the opposition figure. This figure must be returned to the base and start over again
  • A player may pass the figures of other players and his own ones
  • To get into the center-place each player must roll the exact number needed and it’s not allowed to pass his figures inside the center-place

How to play

Each player chooses a colour and places his 4 figures in the corresponding triangle. This is his base. The players roll the die and the one with the highest number will start.

To leave the base and to place a figure on the coloured start point right beside his base, the player has to roll a „6“. Each player has the chance to try three times. If he does not succeed it is next player’s turn.

By rolling a „6“, the player places his figure on the start point and rolls again. Now he moves his figure the same points as on the die. For example: the player rolls a „3“ and places his figure 3 points forward on the board.

While playing a lot of figures are on the board and there are many chances to hit the opposition figures and of course be considered „hit“. It is a very exciting game and a challenge for all players with a lot of fun at the same time.