Rules to be followed

Behave responsibly and enjoy the view!


Zagreb 360° – Zagreb 360° observation deck is the most visited tourist attraction in Zagreb.

The saying says: “You haven’t been to Zagreb, unless you’ve been to Zagreb 360° – Zagreb 360° observation deck!”. We wish you a great time and the most beautiful memories of Zagreb.

When you are on our viewpoint, you are kindly asked to follow our rules in the manner explained below.


Children under 7 years should not be left alone or unattended, and in terms of security it is considered irresponsible and very dangerous for children to be left alone in the room, and while walking on the terrace. Parents and/or escorts of children younger than 7 years are required to ensure that the child that visits the terrace has nothing in his hands. Running on the terrace, climbing the fence and/or handrail is not allowed. It is strictly forbidden to push the head, arms and/or legs through the bars of terrace!

Children aged under 14 are not allowed to go out on the terrace without a responsible parent or adult companion. Parents and/or adult companions of children under the age of 14 years, are responsible for their behavior and will take all material and criminal responsibility in cases of damage to the inventory and business of the observation deck, as well as to third parties and their property.


It is strictly forbidden and very dangerous to the life and health of passersby on the street below the Zagreb skyscraper and/or the occupants of neighbouring buildings, to place any objects on the fence, handrail and/or grid terraces or push them beyond the level of fencing, handrails and/or terrace bars!


Visitors are obliged to keep their mobile phones, cameras and binoculars on straps around the wrist or neck. Visitors are not allowed to place on the handrails, hand bars or terrace bars, even temporarily, any personal or other items including purses, backpacks, cups, glasses, OTbottles and packaging of any kind and all other items, under any circumstances and for any reason!


Private belongings of the visitors should not be left unsupervised or without direct visual supervision. Visitors are responsible for lost, missing or stolen items, and for any damage that the visitors have caused themselves, to the observation deck, to the observation deck staff and/or to third parties. Under no circumstances will we take responsibility for any damage caused by the visitor. The visitor will be held responsible!


Any damage to the observation deck and/or third parties, including property, due to any disregard of the above warning is the financial and criminal responsibility of the perpetrator, regardless of whether the damage is committed by inadvertence or accident, with or without direct intent.

Responsibility towards the observation deck includes lost income of the observation deck due to a suspended operation or ban of business of the observation deck, caused by a damaging event due to the carelessness and/or lack of responsibility of the perpetrator.


For non-compliance and/or violation of the provisions mentioned under “Warning” and/or “Important”, the staff of the observation deck will charge the visitor a penalty in the amount of HRK 6,000.00 (six thousand). By purchasing tickets for the observation deck, every visitor agrees that he is informed and accepts the rules which are displayed in the prominent warnings and ‘Rules to be Followed’, as well as the House Rules of the business building of Zagreb’s skyscraper.


We would like that the observation deck remains a pleasant memory for all visitors!

Carelessness, recklessness or irresponsible behavior of visitors may result in unforeseeable consequences involving serious harm or death of passersby because of which a happy moment could be be turned into a tragedy for which a visitor had to spend the rest of his life in prison or working to settle the claims.